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Handsome, Intelligent, Versatile Retrievers

       Genetically Tested~Health Guaranteed 


White, Yellow, Chocolate,

& Black Puppies Available


Early Neurological Stimulation 


This technique is applied to each of our pups from 3-16 days of age.  Research shows that new born pups are sensitive to thermal and tactile stimulation.  We use 5 gentle exercises once daily with each pup. 

The U.S. Military developed this

method for their performance ...


Puppy Enrichment 


Rule of Sevens


We use the Rule of Sevens developed in the 1980s by long-time breeder, professional handler and AKC Judge Pat Hastings. This method encourages socialization through experiences that are kept safe and positive. The basis for the Rule of Sevens is not specific training but simple

exposure in a supervised

environment prior to 7 ...

About Us

We have found Labradors to be the perfectly versatile dog. Whether for hunt, show, companion, detection or service the Labrador will excel. 


We raise our dogs as a family.   In recent years our 3 oldest daughters have become invested partners.  Hickory Bluff Labradors is growing quickly in the area of Obedience Training and AKC Good Citizenship Certification through our daughters interest and commitments.

Labradors have been part of our family since before it began. ...


Products We Love 

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