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Puppies Available Now!

*We provide portraits weekly or as often as time allows.*


Date of Birth: 11/21/23

Puppy Courier Payment Due: 12/19/23

Pick Day: 01/02/23

Balance Due:01/02/23

*All local pickups are required to make final payments in cash*

Gotcha Day: 01/16/23



Available Male


Fully vaccinated and microchipped.

4 months old

A retrieving machine.  Gunner won’t stop until you ask. Then, he will mellow as soon as the bumper is put away. Gunner is an intelligent pup with excellent eye contact. He will anticipate your next move and be there waiting. 


~Started Puppies~ 

Very infrequently we have started puppies available for sale.  It could be that a client has requested we board a pup for extended training and then have had to cancel.  There are also times we hold a pup back for ourselves and decide the timing doesn’t work or the pup has a trait that doesn’t meet our standards for breeding.   All puppies listed here are fully vaccinated, microchipped and are crate trained.  Many have completed basic obedience training as well.  Price listed is non negotiable.

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