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We would highly recommend Hickory Bluff Labs to anyone looking for an amazing dog! The entire family was an absolute pleasure to work with from the very beginning; with Sarah answering our questions and the top notch delivery of our lab by Julian. We have owned a couple labs through the years and the attention and quality they put into their pups from birth was evident in the temperament of our puppy immediately. Our lab is amazing, he loves children, people, is calm, obedient and truly a member of our family. If we are to ever get another puppy in the future, it would only be from HBL.

~Corinne Machowski

We love our HBL Lab. Very easy buying process and responsive to messages. They treat the puppies as if they are keeping them. The puppies are given plenty of interaction with children, other animals, and different environments. Very well rounded.

~Valerie Sweet

We couldn't have picked a better place then HBL to get are sweet boy from, we absolutely love HBL.❤️

~Courtney Galbraith

Hickory Bluff is literally the BEST! Adding a new member to our lives was a hard choice, and we obviously got the absolute best puppy. Pancho is well rounded, already on a schedule, passive yet playful, and very mild mannered. We could not possibly be more happy. After suffering a loss of our 12yr old Lab, Pancho has made our hearts so happy. Beautiful addition! I will direct everyone I know to Hickory Bluff Labradors.

~Kim Murphy

Hickory Bluff is a top notch breeder of exceptional labradors. The entire family loves on these puppies until they go to their new homes. These puppies have a great bloodline and are well taken care of. I'm happy I made the decision to purchase our puppy from them!

~Justin Ward 

We love our Hickory Bluff Lab River (Rosie)! She is so mild mannered, gentle and eager to learn and train! The Paea family do an amazing job preparing their pups for their new homes from early on. We’ve never been so impressed!!!

~Jessica Black Todd

Wonderful puppies!! Pre spoiled and go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied DEFINITELY recommend buying from this amazing family!!
~The Floyd Family

Every other place I looked at puppies I felt like I was rescuing one from a puppy mill. Not here! The puppies are so happy here I felt like I was breaking one away from a lifetime of perfect happiness on the farm. So handsome and so gentle. We can't be happier with our choice. I highly recommend Hickory Bluff Labs for the best family and farm dogs around.

~Eric Long

We bought 2 labs both mom and dad were on site they were great dogs! Very pleased with both ours!!! beautiful, loyal and smart! Thank y'all!!!

-The Kasprytzki Family

Very friendly and knowledge for breeder. Call they love all their dogs and puppies and work with them from very early on. We love our new addition. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a well loved and taken care of Lab puppy. ~The Morrell Family

Love our puppy Hogan!!♥️

He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. It was purely by providence that we found Hickory Bluff Labradors and we are very thankful for such a great experience. The puppy selection was easy and in the end we found the exact right pup for us. Even after having him home Hickory Bluff was readily available to answer any questions I had, and offered great advice for a successful transition.

I would definitely recommend Hickory Bluff Labradors to anyone looking for Lab Retriever.

Best Decision, Best Breeder, and Best puppy

-Shihka Sikka

Unlike most breeders we looked at, this one felt like the pups were truly a part of their family. We loved the way the whole family got involved and how they knew the personalities of each puppy we looked at. For anyone looking for a lab pup, this is the place to find one. Knowledgeable, caring, personable......totally good experience for our family and our little Ruby is already such a good dog.

-Angie Boessen

If there was ever a breeder that loved and valued their Labradores, it was on this Arkansas mountain top and with this amazing family. The Paeas make their Labradors true family members involving them in everyday activity (hunting, 4-wheelers, hiking, horses) and socializing them to all ages and experiences. Labrador care is priority to these young, able, mature, dedicated entrepreneurs! If you are looking for a Lab pup to add to your family, you won’t go wrong starting and ending your search here!

-Sheila Wray

We got our lab pup, Crawford, in the fall of 2014 from the Paea family at Hickory Bluff Labradors. He has been a best friend to our boys, our blue heeler, Jessie, and our barn cats. He even lets the cats cuddle up with him for naps. He plays fetch, hikes with us, and protects our home from the country nocturnal critters. He loves chasing birds and squirrels with all his energy. Crawford is so friendly, my parent’s cabin guests take him for walks. He has been super healthy, never has given us a worry. He plays in the snow, swims in the ponds, and follows the boys wherever they go, whether to work, to play, or a tromp through the woods. He’s the best dog we’ve ever had and I’m so glad our boys get to grow up with him.
That said, we highly recommend doing business with this family. They know their dogs well and breed them right! You get quality through and through, from the pups to the family raising them.

-Mira Cowett

We got our Yogi 5 years ago from Hickory Bluff Labradors. He’s smart, loyal, energetic, and just the sweetest boy! We got to meet Mason (dad) handsome boy, also one of the most well behaved dog I’ve ever met. They welcomed us to their home to spend time with the puppies to make sure you really find the perfect puppy for your family. Highly highly recommend if you’re looking for a lab puppy this is the family to get them from!

-Alex Anderson

If you've been considering a lab puppy Hickory Bluff is the place to get her/him from. These puppies and really all their pets are truly loved and raised with a passion to give them the best start at life. We got to meet Mason as well. Such a big and well behaved daddy. They are exposed early to little kids. Early nerve stimulation on the paws so you won't have that pesky pet who won't let you touch their feet. Early crate training which has been great for our pup in our house so far. We picked Hickory Bluff to purchase our Chloe from because when you watch their videos, posts and talk to them on the phone you really feel and see how the puppies are family.

-The Klein Family

Very helpful and such nice people! We were first time pet adopters and had so many questions, but they generously took the  time to explain everything to us in depth. So knowledgable and experienced! We are so thankful and so in love with our new puppy!

-Ethan & Larissa Butler

I cannot say enough great things about this family. Their litters are all brought up as part of the family....even so much as having puppy tea parties. They are constantly posting pictures and videos and sharing interesting things about each puppy's personality. By the time I zero-ed in on one, I felt like I knew him, his litter mates, and his parents. And you can just tell with his personality that he was brought up with love, other pets, and kids from day 1. We are in awe of our puppy and how well he naturally fits into our family. We can’t help but think it’s because he was loved so well by theirs. I would hands down recommend them to anyone looking for a lab.
~Madison Collier

Such sweet people! Very quick to answer any questions you may have. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a handsome lab puppy!!

~Amelia Shannon

We searched a long time and found Hickory Bluff Labs and Miss Leona. Not a puppy mill this family loves & trains their Labs with love, pride & expertise we are extremely delighted to have Miss Leona a part of our family. Thanks Hickory Bluff Labradors

~Sonya George

Without a doubt in my mind, I would recommend Hickory Bluff Labradors to all my friends & family! We searched long & hard for the perfect addition to our family and were very picky about where he came from. Upon coming across Hickory Bluff’s Facebook page, my husband instantly fell in love with one particular puppy. After going through photos & posts on FB & asking questions that were answered very quickly, we knew this puppy & Hickory Bluff was perfect for us as they met every item on our checklist. We love how Hickory Bluff raises their adult dogs & puppies as family just like we would. They go above & beyond to stimulate the puppies in many ways & introduce them to many new things. Boone is such a well rounded pup & at 9 months old, I love how we’re still in contact with Hickory Bluff. I could definitely go on, but if you’re looking for a well rounded pup that came into life and was raised as a family member, for a fair price & a big/beautiful look then Hickory Bluff is definitely the place for you. Thank you so much, Hickory Bluff! Boone is absolutely perfect!

~ Mackenze Bullins

TOP NOTCH! I cannot say enough about the Paea family and their AMAZING dogs!! These pups are part of their family from day one, and are pre pampered and prepared for life when they come home!! I can’t wait to get another!! You won’t be disappointed with Hickory Bluff!!

-Kyle Abraham

Otis has been a blessing to our family. He is very intelligent and learns quickly. He is good with children and animals. Otis is a beautiful dog and we get many compliments on his white coat. Mostly he is very loving. What ever we are doing he wants to be close to us. Sometimes, even though he is a big dog, he will climb into our recliners and cuddle while we are watching tv.

-Laura Hoffman

These guys bent over backwards to accommodate us. They obviously take pride in their animals and should because they have the best pups we’ve seen. They are happy well adjusted and in excellent heath we would not hesitate to get another one from Hickory Bluff.

-Jim George

I would highly recommend Hickory Bluff Labradors to anyone looking for a GREAT puppy! Sarah is very knowledgeable and you can tell her kids and family love all of their dogs. We especially like that the puppies are already introduced to kids of all ages, being outdoors around animals and crate training as well. Our new puppy has instantly become a part of our family and is even better than we could have hoped for!

Hudgens Family

I researched a lot of breeders and for some reason kept coming back to Hickory Bluff. After talking to them, I know why. Excellent communication, great people, and great dogs. When we picked up ours they had a box of goodies waiting to help ease the transition. Bro (Benelli) is amazing, he has a wonderful temperament and is ...well....“simply perfect”. I would recommend Hickory Bluff Labradors to anyone.

Tony Wagner

This is the sweetest family. They go above and beyond and their labs are perfect. So glad my husband chose them to be the ones from whom we chose our Bro.
Crystal Wagner

Amazing family who raises amazing dogs! We’re head over heels with our new Hickory Bluff lab, Quincy! Our older lab took a week to warm up to the idea of a little brother, but now they’re best buds. Quincy is already socialized & full of confidence after spending his first couple months growing up on the Paea’s farm.

Jason Kelley

Great family raising beautiful and smart puppies! Puppies are handled with love and care and are exceptionally gorgeous! Drove a round trip total of 15 hours just to bring home our little guy and so happy we did.

Kim Morken

After my beloved black lab crossed Rainbow Bridge this past April, I looked extensively for just the right puppy. Like others, I kept coming back to Hickory Bluff Labradors. I have had Riley (formerly Allan) since last Wednesday. My experience working with Hickory Bluff Labradors was nothing but positive. From the short period of time that I have had Riley, it's obvious that they did an excellent job in raising him. From the initial steps of getting Riley settled into his new home here in Tennessee, you can tell that they did an great job in properly socializing him and exposing him to different environments. It was well worth the 19 hour round trip from the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. I would definitely do it again.

Keith Duckett

Awesome family!!  Very professional and they know what they are doing. Highly recommend. 

Janice Goodlin

We got our chocolate lab from the Paea family, owners of Hickory Bluff Labradors, in April 2019. If you are in the market to add a puppy to your family, you won't find a better cared for or better conditioned puppy then what is raised at Hickory Bluff Labradors! Our puppy (Ellie) is loyal, energetic, intelligent, and protective of her property. She has greatly enriched the life of our family and if you are ready to make a step toward pet ownership look no further than the kind folks at Hickory Bluff!!

Brad Cheatham

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