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About Hickory Bluff Labradors

The Family 

Richly Blessed.

We have found Labradors to be the perfectly versatile dog.

Whether for service, sport, or companion the Labrador will excel.


We raise our dogs as a family. In recent years our 4 eldest daughters have become invested partners. Hickory Bluff Labradors is growing quickly in the area of Obedience Training and AKC Good Citizenship Certification through our daughters interest and commitments.

Labradors have been part of our family since before it began. I, Sarah, was raised in the rolling Flint Hills of Kansas with a Labrador or 2 always at my side. The love of this magnificent breed runs deep.  As a young married couple in the San Diego Gaslamp District, we had a Labrador that shared our studio apartment. Then later before we started our family we purchased a beautiful yellow Labrador. As our family grew with the birth of each child, so did our Labrador Crew.  

The Farm

Hickory Bluff Labradors Farm is located in the remote hills of the stunning Ozark National Forest. Our property lines border the White Rock Wildlife Management Area. Our farm has clear pastures for our horses and cattle along with several ponds that our dogs enjoy daily, all of which is surrounded by densely forested land.

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 We manage a large family garden that provides the majority of our produce. We can hundreds of jars of roots, fruits, and vegetables each season to sustain our family through the winter months.

The chicken coop is always bustling! Fresh eggs are a necessity. They are a quick healthful snack for everyone, humans and canines alike.

As a homeschooling family, we have formulated our personalized schooling method over the years. We like to call it Farm Schooling. With this in mind, horses play a key role in important areas of our children's education. Our younger children learn how to handle ponies and then later advance to a horse of their own that they gentle themselves. Our older five children have competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. This experience was priceless for the entire family. Currently, in addition to our many labradors, we have 22 horses on the farm including 6 once wild Mustangs. Along with essential academics the skills of patience, endurance, responsibility, and problem solving that they learn from training and caring for their animals will serve them well throughout their lives.

It is our desire at Hickory Bluff Labradors to place healthy, well adjusted pups in homes where they will be cherished, valued, and bring great usefulness and pleasure to their human companions for years to come.


Pups available!

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