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Early Neurological Stimulation 

This technique is applied to each of our pups from 3-16 days of age.  Research shows that new born pups are sensitive to thermal and tactile stimulation.  We use 5 gentle exercises once daily with each pup. 


The U.S. Military developed this method for their performance dogs in a program called "Bio Sensor".  The development of this program has been known to the public as the  "Super Dog Program".  Studies confirm that neurological stimulation has optimal results  during the 3-16 day of life time period.  This is the time of rapid neurological growth and development and is of utmost importance in producing lasting effects.


The benefits that have been observed in dogs that were exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation are; improved heart rate, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, greater stress tolerance and greater resistance to disease. Stimulated pups have proven to be more exploratory and dominant in competitive situations than their non-stimulated littermates.


For more details about this process you can watch a brief video on

You can also read more about Early Neurological Stimulation in the super-dog program at

Early Neurological Stimulation is performed in addition to daily handling and imprinting of our puppies.


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