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2024 Pricing 

1st Pick $4500 

2nd Pick $3500

3rd Pick+ $3000

Full Registration $8000


•Reserving Your Puppy•

$500 non-refundable deposit. When placing your deposit you are reserving a position in the picking order. Deposits can be accepted prior to the puppies being born. If the color/sex you have chosen is not available your deposit will be moved to the next litter. Your pick will be chosen by reviewing pictures and videos. We DO NOT accept visitors as our puppies health is our main concern. Messenger, and Instagram is always available.

Your pick must be placed by 6 weeks of age. If not, your pick placement will be lost.


We accept Venmo, Paypal,(using the friends option) and CashApp.

For local clients cash in full is due upon pick up.

Clients who are using our Puppy Courier Service, payment in full is due when your puppy reaches 6 weeks.


*HBL reserves the right to refuse the sale of a puppy. In this case your deposit will be refunded.

*HBL reserves the right to make any pup unavailable for sale.

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