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Complimentary Puppy Swag Package

Our signature Puppy Swag Package is presented to each of our pups new families on their Gotcha Day. It is important that we seal the deal going the extra mile. We have raised pups for over 20 yrs and the package we offer resembles the package we were given upon the purchase of our first pup in 1998. In recent years we've noticed a lack of pride in breeders. Often we see pups sold with no more than a hasty AKC registration form. At Hickory Bluff Labradors we pay attention to detail. Preparing a special package to present to the new owner along with a fresh, clean, healthy puppy is a thrill! We sell pups to folks keeping in mind how WE would want to purchase a pup. Confidence in your new puppy's beginning is important to us.

📌AKC Certified Registration
📌AKC Pedigree

📌AKC Reunite Microchip
📌Veterinarian Health Record
📌Reward Treats
📌Chew Toy
📌Plush Toy with Momma's Scent
📌Clicker Training Tool
📌Puppy Kibble Transition Supply

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